Product Care

Maintenance Guide

USE BOTH HANDS. Put on and take off your glasses carefully using both hands.

SET DOWN WITH LENSES FACING UP. When setting your glasses down, place them so that the curved part of the lens is facing up. Placing them down may cause scratches.

AVOID HEAT. Do not subject glasses to heat or wear them in extremely hot areas. The frames may warp or the lenses may crack. Do not leave your glasses on the car's dashboard or other places that receive direct sunlight.

DRY IMMEDIATELY WHEN WET. If your glasses become wet from rain or sweat, dry
them immediately. Rust or water may cause stains that cannot be removed.

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Frames are protected by a one year warranty from the original purchase date. Warrenty covers manufacturer defects in material and workmanship only. Lens scratches, misuse, or abuse are not covered by this warranty.

Proof of purchase is required.

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