About us

Anna Park, M.D. started Noon Shop for the same simple reason she became an ophthalmologist 20 years ago: to help people see better. Throughout her career, she observed a recurrent problem. Time and time again, patients would ask Anna to recheck their eyes because they couldn’t see well. And time and time again, she came to the same conclusion. The problem was not their eyes, but their glasses. When she couldn’t find glasses that fit her son’s face, she decided she had had enough. On behalf of her patients, family, and countless others in a similar quandary, Noon Shop was founded.

Driven by an obsession to perfect eyewear, our mission is to make correctly fitting glasses for anyone’s unique face shape. We officially launched in the United States with brands that have previously been active in the Korean market. Steel Brown and Dormann glasses have been worn and loved by people from all walks of life, including Olympic gymnasts, a former president of Korea, celebrities, and professionals. We took these brands, modified them, and brought them home to Washington D.C.

At Noon Shop, we believe the experience of the maker is what distinguishes any product. To that end, our glasses are handcrafted in Germany or South Korea by manufacturers with decades of experience. Our glasses are made with the finest materials like wafer-thin German steel, β- titanium, and Mazzucchelli acetate. The result is balanced, durable, lightweight, and most importantly, correctly fitting glasses for all.