Steel Brown

about us

STEEL BROWN is built on the energy of collaboration, engineering, and an obsession to perfect eyewear. Fueled by German innovation and technical finesse, STEEL BROWN redefines daily eyewear.

Design and material

STEEL BROWN is proudly designed in Korea in collaboration with internationally award-winning German eyeglass designer Wolfgang Proksch, known for his success in designing the legendary Bugatti brand.

STEEL BROWN acetate is made by Mazzucchelli, a leader in manufacturing Cellulose Acetate. Mazzucchelli acetate is known for its vibrant colors, flexibility, strength, and light weight.

Made in germany

German manufacturing prowess in handling steel combined with German technology and innovation are melted into STEEL BROWN glasses. The unique alloys used by our manufacturers produce strong, flexible, and lightweight frames. The stainless steel is then cut into wafer-thin strips that remain durable despite its thinness. This allows STEEL BROWN frames to be lightweight, but more importantly balanced for ultimate comfort.

W end piece

Years of trial and error created our signature W End Piece to optimize the fit. The W shape bends easily yet holds firmly for a snug fit and adheres to the unique shape of the wearer’s head by evenly dispersing the physical stress of the frame. Though simple, this little piece of innovation allows STEEL BROWN frames to remain comfortable even with long-term, daily wear. A subtle curve that’s invisible from most angles is our finishing touch for ultimate comfort