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What Our Clients Say About Us

5 months ago

Very happy with the light weight metal frames for my daughter, they fit well and are very comfortable to keep on all day. Excellent quality, withstands the rough use by my pre-teen, highly recommend!!

Heather Kim
5 months ago

I purchased a pair of Noon Shop glasses and sunglasses and I love them! They are the lightest glasses/sunglasses I have ever worn. I can wear them all day without them hurting my ears. The lenses for the sunglasses are extremely high quality and everything appears clear and crisp. I have wide set eyes and a shorter nose bridge so glasses that fit my face are difficult to find. They had a large selection of frames for me to find the right pair. I’m definitely recommending Noon Shop for my family and friends to try!!

Cheryl Day (Review)
5 months ago

Perfect frames, light weight, attractive, and extremely well made! My best and favorite frames ever.

Sundeep Hora
6 months ago

I love my new glasses. They are stylish yet extremely light. You can tell they are well made. Really happy with my purchase and I plan on buying sunglasses as well.

Sandy Choi
9 months ago

Incredibly satisfied with my Steel Black frames. I have a very small face so I always have a hard time finding frames that’s comfortable and fits well until Noon Shop. I love how incredibly lightweight it is and for that reason, I can wear it all day with no fuss. Also, the arms NEVER dig into the side of my head. I also love that it’s easily adjustable without compromising comfort. I always get compliments when I wear them and its by far the best pair of glasses I ever owned and I can’t wait to try more in the future.