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All our sunglasses are crafted in the latest styles to showcase your personality. They’re all about style, combined with the most advanced sun protection.

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We are passionate about designing sophisticated eyewear that stylishly fit diverse faces.
We are setting new standards through consistent innovation and excellent craftsmanship.
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Lightweight Eyewear Redefined

Experience the future of eyewear with our lightweight frames. Designed for ultimate comfort without sacrificing style, our innovative technology ensures you'll barely feel them on. Embrace effortless wear for any occasion and discover a new standard in comfort today.

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Michelle Shang
2 weeks ago

My sunglasses from Noon Shop Eyewear are probably one of the easiest purchases I have ever made. I met Dr. Park and her team back in April at Vision Expo, and it was great to get to know more about their brand and company. The glasses I chose are super durable and very lightweight, especially for the more humid days. These fit much better on my face, and I notice myself not having to push them back up like regular sunglasses. I decided not to get a pair of regular sunglasses for days when I wear contacts, but I'll definitely consider getting another pair of prescription ones for everyday wear.

Sarah Wu
a month ago

Super light weight, fashionable, and sits comfortably on Asian facial features! Dr. Park clearly knew what she was doing when she designed these glasses 💪🏼

6 months ago

Very happy with the light weight metal frames for my daughter, they fit well and are very comfortable to keep on all day. Excellent quality, withstands the rough use by my pre-teen, highly recommend!!

Heather Kim
6 months ago

I purchased a pair of Noon Shop glasses and sunglasses and I love them! They are the lightest glasses/sunglasses I have ever worn. I can wear them all day without them hurting my ears. The lenses for the sunglasses are extremely high quality and everything appears clear and crisp. I have wide set eyes and a shorter nose bridge so glasses that fit my face are difficult to find. They had a large selection of frames for me to find the right pair. I’m definitely recommending Noon Shop for my family and friends to try!!

Cheryl Day (Review)
6 months ago

Perfect frames, light weight, attractive, and extremely well made! My best and favorite frames ever.