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83,426 pairs sold worldwide, Noon Shop glasses are now available here! Handcrafted wafer-thin German steel, patented hinge system from S. Korea, and understated elegance for all face shapes and sizes.

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Steel Brown, Steel Brown Sunglasses Dormann, Dormann Sunglasses


Noon Shop is an eyewear manufacturer and distributor with over 83,426 pairs of glasses already sold worldwide and now available in the U.S. Tailored to fit faces of every contour, we thoughtfully designed frames with the finest materials, like wafer-thin German steel, β- titanium, patented hinge system, and Mazzucchelli acetate. Meticulously handcrafted in S. Korea and Germany, the result is a delicate balance of lightweight, durable, and stylish glasses for faces of all shapes and sizes. We're elevating minimalism and effortless sophistication for everyday people and lifestyles.