Why lens design matters

On one level, it’s much easier to judge a frame than the lens which sits inside it. After all, unless you’re an optician, any two lenses look very alike! Perhaps you can see more reflections in one, or greater thickness in another, but the really important differences - in technology, in design, in optical quality - are often hidden.
Here are some things you can’t detect on the lens surface, but which have an impact on how well you see:

Is the lens made using conventional or digital technology?

Conventional lenses offer a set range of designs based on a given prescription. The design is pre-built into the lens and can’t be altered to suit your individual needs. However, with digital technology, each lens design is made to order in the laboratory, meaning it can be personalized to suit your exact vision needs. Here are just some of the benefits unique to digital lenses:

  • Digital lenses are accurate to within 1/100 th of a diopter of your actual prescription – around 10 times more accurate than conventional lenses.
  • The lens can be optimized for improved vision across the whole lens surface (see below).
  • The lens center can be adjusted so that the lens uses the thinnest part of the lens blank.
    Benefit: thinner, lighter lenses.
  • In progressive lenses, the position of the reading area can be adjusted to suit your pupil position, so it is larger and easier to find.

Is the lens optimized so that you see accurately not only straight ahead but when looking at an angle?

Without getting too technical, any eyeglass lens works by bending light so that it focuses correctly on your retina. When you look straight ahead, through the center of your prescription lens, you see perfectly.

But what happens when you look away from the center, to the side, or upwards for example? As you can see in the diagram below, the light rays hit the lens at a different angle, causing the
focus to be imperfect. You experience blur or fuzziness.

In a digital lens, the lens design can be adjusted point-by-point to compensate for these changes of angle. This ensures you see clearly at all angles, not just straight ahead. This is not possible with a conventional lens.

Is the lens personalized for your unique facial measurements?

When a digital lens is designed in the laboratory, the software predicts where each ray of light will touch the lens. For that calculation to be completely accurate, the software needs to know how the lens is positioned in front of your face. The most advanced digital lenses can takeaccount of your exact frame choice and how it sits on your facial features, to ensure the best
possible vision.

What makes Noon Shop lenses different?

Our lenses are crafted with the latest in digital lens design technology to ensure superior vision quality and comfort. Let’s unpack that a little.

Using digital lens designs allows us to create an individual lens to suit your prescription, your frame choice, and even your facial measurements.

The lens software creates a 3D model of the lens in front of your eye and predicts the path of light at thousands of potential contact points on the surface. Then it adjusts the lens power point-by-point to ensure the light is bent at exactly the right angle to focus perfectly on your retina.

Creating the lens using digital technology also means we can tailor-make it for you. We can optimize your field of view. We can ensure we use the thinnest part of the lens to cut out your glasses. All these refinements improve the clarity, lightness, and comfort of the finished lens.

Benefits you can see

For Single Vision Lens Wearers For Progressive Lens Wearers
  • Crystal clear vision right across the lens, at any distance and in any gaze direction
  • Impeccable visual quality, even with high prescriptions and very large frames
  • Comfortable and accurate focusing
  • Superior vision when using digital devices
  • Wide fields of view for far, near and intermediate distances
  • Precise and accurate focus in any gaze direction
  • Minimal blur
  • Superior vision when using digital devices
  • Better image stability for natural, comfortable vision

How to order Noon Shop lenses

Ask the eye care professional at your chosen Noon Shop retailer about our digital lens solutions.