We ran into Cecil Park, the first Korean female winemaker in Napa Valley.

Being a winemaker in Napa (one of the smallest wine regions in the world) is a tough gig—especially for a female immigrant without an inherited winemaking business.

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A Chat with our Co-Founder Harry Bae

Harry Bae, attorney turned entrepreneur, was watched by Founder and CEO Anna Park years before she made him an offer to join Noon Shop as the COO. Bae’s hesitance to get on board was brief.

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Get to know our Founder and CEO!

As the daughter of a minister, Anna moved frequently. When asked where she’s from, Anna shrugs and calls herself a “Midwest person,” unsure of where she’s exactly from. So it still feels strange to her that she’s been calling Washington D.C. “home” for most of her adult life now.

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