DORMANN was founded to provide unprecedented comfort and clarity for all whose lives include glasses. DORMANN glasses will fit all face shapes so the eyewear feels like a natural extension of the wearer’s body.

Glasses are designed and manufactured in South Korea, a tiny peninsula that’s impacted the world with its technology, culture, and craftsmanship.


Frames are slightly curved for an optimal fit. Welded parts are minimized so there are less parts used. This prevents against breakage, making glasses durable despite its light weight. DORMANN’s patented hinge system uses zero screws and fits snugly on the face.

Experience Matters

DORMANN factories have decades of experience manufacturing frames for the European market prior to joining Noon Shop, bringing their expertise to the DORMANN brand. Each pair of glasses is carefully handcrafted. As a solutions-oriented brand, innovation remains a high priority. DORMANN commits to regularly coming out with new and improved collections.

DORMANN Collections